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Transport of various types of cargo throughout Lithuania, The BalticsEurope.
Krosera Ltd provides transport of various types of cargo throughout Lithuania, The Baltics,
Europe. We also transport goods from Lithuania to Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany,
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and back to Lithuania.


In the transport market, a truck is the face of the company. It means that every transport
company seeks to have a wider range of trucks, therefore the client will have better suitable
options for his specific needs.
We own trucks of various sizes that can carry up to 24 tons of cargo. In addition, we also
have trucks with liftgates.
Moreover, we own a garage where all of our trucks can be repaired and maintained by
professional mechanics.

We also have trucks with various types of trailers such as refrigerated, cistern, curtain side and much more. As a result you have more options for transporting your cargo.  Finally, we always send all the necessary data to you to know exactly what is happening during the trip of your cargo.

Your cargo is in our care. Therefore, most of the trucks are installed with tracking devices to
monitor details of the journey. For instance, the amount of road driven since loading, when
the journey began, where the cargo had stopped and etc.

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